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Meet us at 3daysofdesign 

June 12–14 

Our excitement for this year's 3daysofdesign festival was amplified by the participation of our vibrant community of designers and design enthusiasts. The fair brought together our design partners from across the globe and offers a platform to unveil novelties and discuss current sustainability initiatives. As a brand deeply invested in creativity, craftsmanship and community, this is the design event that we are most energized by.

Brought together by a shared passion for design and craftsmanship, Denmark’s most important design fair provides a sense of community through an international design network. Hosted in showrooms, shops, galleries and heritage landmarks, the fair provides a full program of 290+ exhibitions and 500+ events.

The festival began in 2013 as a small design event held in an old warehouse in Nordhavn, a harbour area overlooking Copenhagen’s waterfront. Today, 3daysofdesign spans the entire city of Copenhagen with a truly international perspective. 


In Good Company

Man of Parts

Born of a post-national design sensibility, MAN OF PARTS was created for global nomads who appreciate craft but prefer a modern experience.

During 3daysofdesign, MAN OF PARTS brings together cross-cultural elements from their growing roster of international designers and introduces a collection of novelties at FRAMING, an exhibition at the Odd Fellow Palæet.

FRAMING: Odd Fellow Palæet, Bredgade 28, 1260 Copenhagen  


Established in 2006 by Patrick and Ursula L’hoste, Pulpo is a leading editor for contemporary design and luxury collectibles, renowned for its long-lasting solitary furniture and lighting creations that embody craftsmanship and creativity.

FRAMING: Odd Fellow Palæet, Bredgade 28, 1260 Copenhagen 


With experience and passion in working with solid wood, Zeitraum stands for a modern, reduced design language and sustainable approach. Founded in 1990, it was the first German furniture manufacturer to focus on combining ecology and design.

FRAMING: Odd Fellow Palæet, Bredgade 28, 1260 Copenhagen 


For nearly 200 years, Sahco has epitomized luxury and quality in interior design, blending classic elegance with innovation. Acquired by Kvadrat in 2018, it continues to set new standards and define an interior landscape of rich textures and striking design for today and the future.

Kvadrat Showroom: Klubiensvej 22, 2150 København


M2R comes from Hamburg, one of the world's largest trading centers for hand-knotted rugs. This city with its cosmopolitan character, Nordic clarity and a high demand for design, quality and reliability, has a great influence on what makes M2R’s collections stand out.

FRAMING: Odd Fellow Palæet, Bredgade 28, 1260 Copenhagen 


Driven by design and sustainability, Zanat collaborates with designers and architects to reshape modern design. At its foundation lies a UNESCO world heritage woodcarving tradition originating from the Bosnian town of Konjic and a century-old family business renowned in the Balkans for making detailed hand-carved furniture and interior decoration objects.

FRAMING: Odd Fellow Palæet, Bredgade 28, 1260 Copenhagen 


ClassiCon epitomizes quality, individuality and a timeless aesthetic. In addition to historical designs by Eileen Gray, Otto Blümel, Eckart Muthesius and Herbert H. Schultes, their catalogue includes contemporary designers like Konstantin Grcic, Sebastian Herkner and Jader Almeida. All furniture is produced by European artisan workshops, and each piece is marked with the company's logo to guarantee quality and authenticity.

FRAMING: Odd Fellow Palæet, Bredgade 28, 1260 Copenhagen 


Indigenus, founded in 2014, is the brainchild of Cape Town local Peter van der Post. Indigenus' vision is to create beautiful and original high-design planters. Indigenus collaborates with the world’s best designers to create planters that illustrate the impact of beautiful sculptural planters on architecture and landscapes.

FRAMING: Odd Fellow Palæet, Bredgade 28, 1260 Copenhagen 

3daysofdesign will be taking place in Copenhagen from June 12–14, 2024

Photography by: chris1million; Filip Gielda; Enok Holsegaard

In Situ

Burdi Filek Entourage Yacht

Toronto-based interior design firm, Burdifilek anchored style with its first yacht design project, activating the serene and luxurious 63m Entourage by Damen Yachting.